Individual or group golf lessons – what to choose?

Anyone who’d like to learn how to play golf asks themselves the same question: should I take private lessons or join a group class? The answer depends on several factors and we’ll try to explain them clearly to help you make your own decision because unfortunately, there’s no answer to suit everyone’s needs.


This is probably the first thing people think about. Golf lessons come with an extra strain on your budget. From this point of view, group lessons are the way to go because cost 2-3 times less than individual sessions. At the same time, the attention of the teacher is divided between multiple students thus giving each of them less one on one time to attend to their particular needs.


This should be the most important thing to take into account when choosing between these two types of learning environments. If you know nothing about golf or you’ve been playing for a small amount of time, group lessons are best because the teacher will tackle all the general aspects of this sport. Your colleagues are at the same level as you, so no one will be ahead or behind what’s being taught.

On the other hand, if you’ve been playing golf for quite some time, you need someone to point out your specific flaws and help you overcome them. The one one who can do that is a personal coach, so private lessons are the most logical option in this scenario.

A coach will pay attention to your game, observe your swing and offer specific guidance on how to improve your numbers. In other words, individual lessons are for those with a goal and timeframe. For example, if you have a handicap of 12 and you want to get it below 10 by the next year’s local competition for amateurs, group lessons won’t help you achieve that goal.

Personal preference

Some people enjoy working in groups and they actually draw energy from social situations, i.e. extroverts. Still, the majority of golf players are introverts, so they may feel more comfortable in private sessions. It’s important for you to enjoy the class because if you don’t like going there, you won’t do your best and you will ultimately find reasons to quit: it’s too far, too expensive, it’s a waste of time etc.

So, here’s the take home message: individual lessons for average players who want to improve, group lessons for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money.