Can you practice playing golf online?

You might argue that online golf games will only improve your virtual golf skills and years ago you were right. However, we live in the era of self driving cars, cryptocurrency and virtual reality games. In fact, even online casinos moved to this VR section and make cryptocurrency transactions. Some of them actually offer a bitcoin bonus to encourage this payment method.

By now you probably figured out where I’m heading at: VR golf games could improve your skills to some extent, but not in their actual form. Don’t get me wrong, even with the best feedback you won’t become Tiger Woods by playing VR golf but if the game is somewhat realistic, you will have fun. Either way, if you don’t get out on the course and play, there’s absolutely no chance this VR thing will help you in real life. Long story short, what can you achieve by playing golf using a VR device?

Unfortunately, at this point VR golf games lack realistic interactivity even though the game itself is quite immersive. The games available today on the market have players use a VR controller to take their swing. While amateur golfers could get a thrill from these games, pros have to practice with real clubs and outdoor conditions must be simulated within the software to obtain accurate results.

What are the best VR golf games available on the market at this point? Well, we have to mention VR Golf Online that can be played with Oculus. There are 36 courses you can play on alone, against AI or your friends, be it online or local. The other game available is The Golf Club VR played with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The library is a lot larger, so that you can compete on over 130,000 courses. The game can be downloaded from Steam for roughly 30 euros since February 2017 when it was first released.

Although today’s VR golf games offer an amazing visual representation of your swing, shot metrics are quite off, and the type of feedback you get from actually hitting the ball with a club is yet to be obtained in a VR environment. Still, this doesn’t exclude the possibility that in the future, we will have accurate and realistic VR golf games where even pros can improve their swings. At the moment, it’s quite difficult to translate VR golf skills to the real world, but this doesn’t stop you from becoming the best at VR golf. It just won’t help you on the real course.

This brings us to the next level: golf simulators. They do exist and are used for swing analysis. Such special training programs are provided by certain instructors and they are not designed for fun.