Tips for Betting on Golf

Golf is a game that attracts people in almost every region of the world. Throughout the year you can enjoy watching or taking part in various events, the major ones being the Open Championship, the PGA Tour, the European Tour, to name just a few. All this activity in the world of golf offers you loads of excitement, but also numerous opportunities to boost your budget by betting. You don’t have to travel great distances to bet on golf because nowadays you can do it online and we can help you maximize your chances of winning. We recommend Top Thunderkick Slots free spins for a chance to increase your initial capital and we also offer some tips on how to bet on golf.

  1. Betting options: first, you need to know what your options are. You can place your bet on the tournament winner, top 5, top 10, a single game, or a game score. You can get the biggest amount of money if you predict the tournament winner and the least money if you bet on a single game.
  1. Types of golf players: next, you should keep in mind that there are players whose performance can drastically change during a single tournament and you should be able to distinguish the different types of golf players.  

Type A – these are golf players who make a great start at the tournament but lose their confidence later on.  

Type B – the opposite of Type A. These players show an average or below average performance at the beginning of the tournament but shine later.

Type C – good players but they will never be the best.

Type D – players on the winning streak.

Type E – players on the losing streak.

Type F – veterans or experienced players whose performance is on the decline.

Type G – favorites or players at the top of their game.

Type H – wild cards or players who for some unknown reason suddenly are having the season of their life.

  1. Statistics: when choosing a player to place your bet on, it is important to consider the statistics and the results of his games last season. We strongly advise against betting on the first games in the new season, because a lot of things can happen to a golf player that can influence his state of mind and his game.
  1. Social media: you should follow players on social media in order to get insights into their current form. You can check if the player is happy or depressed, focused or distracted by some events in his life. Golf is a mental game, so pay attention to the news about players’ life and react accordingly.

Good luck!