Best Golf Events You Can Bet On

There are a plethora of sporting events, including golf competitions, that take place every day and which you can bet on if you like wagering. Some of these events are just regular tournaments and get a bit overlooked by fans and bookmakers alike, but others are more popular and stand out from the crowd.

Recently, offline bookies, casinos and online bookmakers have all registered a significant increase in customers interested in golf betting. This is due to the fact that there is now increased television coverage for golfing events and betting types are more diverse allowing punters to wager on a golfer’s every move.

Below we will talk about the best and most prestigious golf events you can bet on. But before moving on to list the events, know that if you decide to start wagering on golf, you will need to find the bookmakers that offer the best odds and most enticing bonuses, like the Party Casino bonus code that can bring new customers up to $500.

First and foremost, golf fans can bet on the four most popular tournaments known as the “Majors,” namely the PGA Championship, the US Masters, the British Open, and the US Open.

The Masters is an annual event held at the beginning of April.  Associated with the Green Jacket, the golfing event takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia and is the first major event of the year.

The US Open is the second “Major” competition in golf and takes place every year in June. The championship is organized at different locations but it always includes four rounds on an 18-hole course, for a total of 72 holes.

The British Open is the oldest of the four tournaments in professional golf and gathers a lot of attention from all over the world, being the only one set outside of the USA. It is normally played in July and is also a 72-hole stroke play contest.

PGA Championships is a tournament hosted by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America and held on a different course each and every year, which means it’s a challenging golf event that makes betting even more interesting.

Besides the above mentioned major golf competitions, there are a series of other events worth betting on, like the Arnold Palmer Cup, a team-based golf competition for college and university students. It’s an annual event and starting 2018, a United States team will take on an International team, each of them consisting of 12 men and 12 women (before it consisted only of male contestants).

Bookmakers also offer odds on the Walker Cup, a golf event taking place in odd-numbered years and contested by amateur golfers. There are two teams fighting for the trophy: United States, and Great Britain and Ireland.

The Ryder Cup is another biennial golf competition for men. The event is contested by teams from the United States and Europe. The venue changes every two years, which adds to the excitement of betting on the event.