What Are The Most Popular Golf Tournaments in the World

Professional golf tournaments can be traced back to the mid-19th century when The Open Championship was held at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. Golf has changed a lot since those times and the sport is now on a whole other level. There are plenty of prestige tournaments nowadays that take place every year and entertain the worldwide audience of golf fans.

Of course, some people are always going to be biased as to which golf tournament they feel is more important, so we’re not going to measure and evaluate them in any way. Instead, we are just going to name some of the most popular pro golf competitions in the world today and tell you a few words about each of them. Let’s begin!

Masters Tournament

Being one of the four majors in pro golf, the Masters Tournament is played every year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA. It was first established in 1934 and has been gathering the top golf players in the world ever since.

The course is 6,835 meters long (7,475 yards). The tournament is held every April and includes a prize fund of $11.5 million, which makes it one of the most rewarding golfing events in the world today.

The US Open

The US Open is one of the oldest golf competitions in the country, being first held in 1895. Unlike other tournaments from the same category, the US Open is played on a variety of courses and the location changes every year.

Although the first tournament was played on a nine-hole course, ever since 1898, it includes four rounds on an 18-hole course with the stroke play format. The prize pool for the 2019 US Open will be $12 million.

PGA Championship

PGA Championship is yet another major that takes place on the US soil. While it has been the last major in a calendar year for many years (held in August), this year’s tournament will be held in May. The locations of the competition vary, and the latest one will be hosted in New York.

While the initial format was match play, it was changed to stroke play in 1958 and remained like that until today. The players play on an 18-hole course over four days. The prize fund for the tournament is $11 million.

The British Open

The Brits invented golf, so it’s only fair that one of the four majors is held in Britain. The British Open (also referred to as just The Open) is held annually in July. It is the oldest golf tournament in the world, being established 160 years ago.

The Brits like nurturing their tradition, so The Open is always played on the links golf course, which is the oldest style of golf course originated from Scotland. The prize purse for the 2018 British Open was £8 million.

Ryder Cup

The United States and the United Kingdom have always had a strong rivalry when it comes to golf and decided to organize a competition where they would match up against each other. This was the original idea behind the Ryder Cup since 1927, although it grew to become US vs Europe in the past several decades.

The competition is held every other year, and the golfers from these two continents play in doubles and singles over the course of three days for the Ryder Cup trophy.