What Is Horse Race Golf and How to Play It?

When you read the title of this article, you might think: “Have people actually come up with a way to play golf while riding horses?” This is a completely legitimate question, as there are more than a few strange sports in the world that people like to entertain themselves with.

Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Horse Race golf is merely the name of a golf tournament format. It’s just like regular golf, but with slightly different rules to it. So, if you expected this to be an article about some sort of a new and fun way of horse racing, we must disappoint you. For some real horse racing excitement, you can go over to american-bets.com and see what’s offered there.

If you still want to learn more about this type of golf, continue reading, as we are more than willing to tell you all about it.

What Is Horse Race Golf?

Horse Race golf is considered one of the most exciting and unique golf formats in the world. It is loved among amateurs and pros alike. The format is believed to have originated from the United States where it is most commonly played today.

While many refer to this format as Horse Race, it has several other names as well. A lot of people call it Shoot Out, while it’s also called Derby, Rumpsie Dumpsie, and Eliminator (although Eliminator is also a name of a completely different format).

Horse Race is a very slow game of golf and requires a large number of golfers to be played, which brings us to its rules.

The Rules of Horse Race Golf

Horse Race golf is played with 19 players if you’re playing 18 holes, or 10 players if you’re playing 9 holes. All players start from the first hole and play according to the rules of regular golf. A player with the highest score after the first round is eliminated, so 18 players proceed to the second hole. A player with the lowest score always starts the next round. If there are any ties, a tiebreak is decided with the closest-to-the-hole rule or by the putting contest.

The game is played with this elimination system until there are only two players left at the final hole. The winner of the game is the player who puts the ball into the 18th hole.

The disadvantage of the game is that it can last for a very long time and can be exhausting. Another problem is that you need to find 18 other players in order to play. Also, whoever drops out of the first round is basically out of the game, and can’t play anymore. Nevertheless, this format can be very entertaining and many golfers enjoy playing it.