The Amazing Brickyard (Crossing)

How does one put together two unrelated sports at the same venue? Where can bigwigs join the common spectators before discussing their business on the green, while secretly fiddling with their phones for some Indy 500 betting? Why, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, of course. We are going to give you the rundown of what you can find at this fine location.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

It is nicknamed the Brickyard and it is known for hosting famous racing events. It has been a place to be for drivers and their clubs since the early 20th century and has graced us with races like the Brickyard 400, the Indy 500, and even Formula One races. It has expanded its repertoire greatly, and the official site of the circuit can provide you with accurate information on the history of winners, races, as well as the latest news in the racing world.

If, however, you are not the type to go on websites to search for more information on your favorite places, sites and historic figures, we recommend popping over to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, where you will be able to find over 75 winning cars at any time, the Hall of Fame, as well as the racing memorabilia. For an Indy 500 fan, it is akin to Disneyland.

The circuit itself is oval-shaped and about 2.5 miles of track and the unbelievable number of seats. Indeed, with a grand total of 400,000 seats, it is definitely clear that this venue has the highest sitting capacity in the world. It is not just the number of people it welcomes that makes the course special. It is awarded Grade One by FIA, the main governing body for automotive events.

The Brickyard Crossing

You may wonder what a famous racing course would be doing on a website that deals mostly with golf. Well, it is pretty simple. The Brickyard is also the home of the Brickyard Crossing, one of the top 100 golf courses according to Golf Digest and Golfweek. The golf course is integrated into the racing venue so much so, that four holes actually go into the race course. Not to worry, the events never overlap, though that would be interesting to see.

Apart from hosting tournaments, like the PGA Tour, the course also has its own Academy, and you can find the famous PGA Director of golf, Jeffrey C. Williams, on the scene. It is one of the very race courses that hosted LPGA Tours. In fact, since 2017, it has established the Indy Women in Tech Championship, with the prize fund of $2 million.

Speaking of money, the annual membership is no chicken feed. If you are planning on playing golf all year round on this venue, be ready to set aside as much as $3,000. The venue also organizes occasional outings with a minimum of $100 per golfer, depending on the event. So, it your wallet is up for it…

Final Thoughts

It is impressive to say the least how two sports can come together in one of the most acclaimed locations in the world. Here, golf and racing live in symbiosis, welcoming anyone and everyone who loves the adrenaline rush of the burning tires and the meditative green with an occasional ‘Four!’ echoing through the place. It is one of the sites that should be on your bucket list.